Architectural Aerial Views

Below are samples of aerial concepts, designs and sketches created by RPCA.  These images were created with hand and digital computer skills and vary in method from pen sketch with color wash, to a more refined technique depending on the projects architectural style and the clients needs.






chicago looking north
Urban Master Plan Concept Art




Mode aerial 2000
Urban Master Plan Concept art




Hospit_resort copy.jpg
Resort Design Concept Sketch




Office Plaza Pencil Sketch




Dallas  urban concept
Aerial Re-branding Study Sketch




St Martin V2 _021314_2000
Island Resort Design Concept




Wynn Addison_aerial_glass 2_sm
Urban Master Plan Concept Art




PI aerial RPCA_2k
Aerial Master Plan Study Sketch




Tgrove aerial Singleton block study cop042214_3000
Aerial Rendering of Master Plan Concept





Sierra-Frisco _color_email
Office Retail Multi-Family Concept





tg street sketch revised_041113
Urban Street Concept Design





Market St Steak Brewery
Urban Warehouse Re-branding Concept




WFoods Lubbock V1_053111
Aerial Re-branding Design




Choice Grants aerial_sm
Urban Re-branding Aerial Concept




Plaza Sketch_062207_36x24
Mixed Use Master Plan Aerial Concept




SportsUSA_aerial at Mixeduse_sm
Sports / Multi-Family Aerial Concept





FPMC San antonio
Aerial Master Plan Design of Healthcare – MOB – Residential




GE Cap aerial view_email
Master Plan Office Concept

This is an aerial view of  an office-multi family concept design extruded from a existing master plan.




Cousins Charlotte boka powell
Aerial Master Plan Study




forest park forest central aerial _r1_sm
High Aerial Master Plan Study




fpmc sa rpca 2
Aerial Healthcare Concept Design




Watercolor Ballpark Aerial
Minor League Ball Park Concept Design




mixed use aerial_sm
Urban Master Plan Aerial Concept Art

 Image was rendered in Prisma Color pencil




Urban Apartment Design Concept




Sports Stadium Concept Design




University Sports Stadium Design Concept




tg aerial 2_final_email
Urban Master Plan Aerial Concept




North Star retail plaza
Retail Mall Master Plan Re-branding Concept


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