Design Concepts

A design concept is an idea for a design.  It is usually accompanied with a design mock-up, which is a representation of the idea that isn’t fully finished or implemented the way the final product will be. For instance a mock-up for a web design might be a screenshot instead of a rendered webpage.  A mock-up for a business card might be a few variations of the design idea printed out on a sheet of paper instead of the final run of printed cards.  Below are some design concepts created by RPCA.



Finial Detail




Cortina story b
Story Board Concept Art





TAMU HSC lobby
Healthcare Lobby Concept Design




mall_4 story int copy_email
Retail Concept Sketch





TTechHonors dining interior 2 _sm
University Food Service Concept Sketch




University Sports Stadium Concept





Healthcare Concept Sketch





Fox Plaza Aerial UpGrade_sm
Mixed Use High Rise Concept




Austin Hotel1_sm
Apartment High Rise Design Concept Sketch





Sports Facility Interior Concept Sketches



cboy frisco aerial study_3000_crop
Aerial concept master plan design for an NFL practice complex.



Interior concept design of an NFL practice complex.




Theme Park Design Rendering




Theme Park Main Street Concept Sketch




Soft Loft V1_type 2r1
Kitchen Design 1
Soft Loft V1r1
Kitchen Design 2

Apartment kitchen design concepts.




Simm St Center entry_ 112413_med
Transport Stop Concept Design




Ride Vehicle Design Concept




Armored Car Prop Designs

 Created for a theme-park client to use as an ATM.




exterior view_bw copysm
Mixed Use Concept Sketch





mixed use test image_150
Mixed Use Re-branding Concept Art




Urban Sports Stadium Concept Design Sketch





Wynn Addison site plan
Master Plan Concept Art
Wynn Addison_aerial
Master Plan Aerial Concept Art





WBC Color w Title #4
Hawaiian Bar Plan Design
WBC long bar_121814_sm
Hawaiian Bar D1
WBC beach bar_12114_sm
Hawaiian Bar D2
WBC entry_121814_sm
Hawaiian Bar Entry

Hawaiian bar concept design sketches.




CHMT_p2 copy
Theme Park Coaster Concept Sketch




DW_Racing Experience_colorall
Racing Themed Amusement Center




11 x 17 Horizontal Titleblock - Design Version
Mixed Use Entertainment Complex Concept




Design 1


Design 2

Pencil sketch hospitality concepts.




Entry Re-branding D1
Entry Re-branding D2

Office entry re-branding design concepts.




zig zag_int1 dark_012314_2k
Indoor Mini Golf Design Concept




Mixed Use Concept Sketch




Hospitality Concept Sketch





ice cool_ 10274_2k
Family Amusement Center Concept Design




grapevine aerial_070913_sm
Entertainment Complex – Master Plan Concept Sketch




jrm smart_cap1_090414_2k
Capital One trade show booth


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