Illustration Art

These are samples of illustration art created by RPCA.  Most of the illustrations are finished art pieces created for print, fine art, web and digital background effects.  Each piece is created by hand or through a digital process depending on which is the best solution for the project.



Octo GS_2
Children’s Book Illustration Art




cc tt 1_sm
Restaurant Graphic Art




Restaurant Graphic Art




wwoman_color_b copy2k

Graphic novel cover concept art.




Vampirella_1 red copy2k

Graphic novel cover art rendering.




CatwomanColor copy2k
Bat and Cat

Graphic novel cover art rendering.




friendly gates copy2k
Speak Friend

 Digital Illustration for Green Screen Background Effect




giant tiger copy2k
Great Tiger

Digital painting created for a green screen effect.




050415 sketches_castle1_2k
Castle 1
castle 2_color2k
Castle 2

Fantasy Kingdom Concept Design




Character Concept Art




Graphic novel character concepts.


belly dancer 2_crop
Dancer Detail





blue bouquet
Blue Bouquet





smaug1_ copy2k
Dragon sketch study.




Dragon fire copy2k
Fire Dragon

 A digital painting created for a green screen effect.




Fairy Concept

Pen and Ink with digital color wash




City Street Scape

Digital painting created in Photoshop





Hand Painted Landscape Art





belly dancer 1
Belly Dancer




Bluegrass Sunrise
Bluegrass Sunset

 Watercolor on board 18″x 24″




nude n butterfly254 copy (2)
Nude and Butterflies

Pen sketch with a digital color wash.




nude on horse253 sm
Nude and Horse

 Pen sketch with digital color wash.




Menu Cover Design

Hand painted on paper with watercolor.





color 80s_sketch sm
Figure Ink Sketch with Digital Color




nolan ryan crop
Sports Art – Opaque Watercolor





Wild Flowers – Opaque Watercolor




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