Andrew Bennett
Principal, BOKA Powell

Rich Poling is a rare talent in today’s digital world. Rich is one of the most amazing architectural delineators / illustrators I have ever had the honor of working with. Rich takes old school hand illustration media and styles and mixes them with outstanding digital skills. He will make any Designer look so much better with his work, which blends interpretive skills honed throughout his career with his own unique Design sense and eye for what is beautiful to people. Rich always over delivers and is open to feedback and critique. He will be your best resource in championing good Design.

John Chiarello
Multi-Media Graphics Designer/Developer

I’ve known Rich for many years and his talent is among the best at his craft. It is great to see someone who can visualize and illustrate with a traditional, diverse style in this day and age of 1 digital style fits all flash in the pan graphics.

Stephen Funk, AIA, RAS
Senior Associate at RTKL

Rich’s seasoned experience in development of architectural renderings was proven time and time again. Rich successfully collaborates with the design team to develop renderings and imagery to illustrate the vision of a given project. He is one of few that is able to combine different artist techniques through the use computer skills and hand drawings to create a seamless vision for the client.

Donald Powell
Principal, BOKA Powell, LLC

Rich is the most talented and capable delineator with whom I have personally worked in my 35 years of practice. He has created outstanding presentation sketches and renderings regardless of the level of guidance given by the designer. Many times Rich was given little more than a site diagram or massing study and he single handedly added fenestration, architectural detail and entourage. He works in a variety of medium and combines sketch up models, hand drawings and photoshop textures to create the highest level of professional documents. Rich works remarkably efficiently and never missed a deadline.
I wholeheartedly recommend Rich and we will not hesitate to utilize his services whenever possible.


Sarah Sulzener
Associate Vice President

When I first met Rich and got to see his workspace I instantly knew he was something extraordinary. Rich shares a raw talent with the architecture industry. His sketches are not only beautiful but demonstrate a perspective that other renderings do not. Rich’s character is unique. He brings an outlook to architecture and art that not only impressed myself but the clients as well. His passion for life and creativity will be a “luxury” to any client or organization he is involved with.


Patrick Magill
MAGILL Associates, Architects

Rich Poling is an amazingly talented guy who can take your directions and stretch them to exceed the results you might have been looking for. In addition to the talent, he is very personable and works well in team environments.
I would highly recommend Rich to all who need high quality renderings.


Henry Leimann
Project Designer at BOKA Powell

Rich is an amazing architectural illustrator, able to produce hand-drawn renderings fit for framing! I was personally amazed at the speed with which he works and often just starting from a primitive concept massing and just a few words describing the project’s design intent. Additionally, his mastery of digital manipulation also affords Rich the ability to provide various illustration options by sketching over the original, as well as optimize/retouch the final product to produce a perfect work of art.


Patrick Magill
MAGILL Associates, Architects

Rich Poling is one of the most artistic individuals i have meet with the ability to listen and take basic and oblique ideas in sketch or verbal description and transform them into visual ideas that offer stunning portrayal for clients. Rich’s abilities will astound and impress your clients.
Thanks for all the help Rich.


Jason Buckner
South Central Regional Manager, A.Light Architectural Integrated Lighting

I had the pleasure of working with Rich at my tenure with BOKA Powell.
He is a lost art! He is absolutely exceptional in the work he provides. He was critical in producing rendering and presentation imagery that sold the designs on numerous projects. I cant express how talented Rich truly is. His knowledge and use of computer technology mixed with hand rendering produces media that is rare and unique.


Kristina Huddleston La Torre
Associate – WDG Architecture

I enjoyed working with Rich at BOKA Powell for many years. Rich has a raw talent that can’t be found in too many people. He has mastered his ability to render architectural projects ranging from pure concept sketches to very detailed, elaborate design ideas. Rich has always amazed me with his ability to produce sketches for client presentations at the last minute. His architectural renderings help clients visualize their projects, and many times it is the sketch that he creates that helps win the client over. Rich’s talent and vision is a great enhancement to any architectural project.

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